Kuami Eugene admits using Sidiki’s song for ‘Confusion’


    Kuami Eugene has come under serious attack over the past few days for ‘stealing’ Malian artiste Sidiki Diabaté’s song ‘Fais Moi Confiance’ for his latest single, ‘Confusion.’

    Sidiki’s song which was released in 2015 and Kuami Eugene’s ‘Confusion’, were both sang in the same key (B Flat Major), they have the same chordal progressions – and there are some traces of Sidiki’s melodies in the chorus of Kuami Eugene’s ‘Confusion.’

    Speaking to Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, Kwami Eugene said he took an inspiration from 3 musicians to compose his ‘Confusion.’

    “I picked some elements from Kojo Antwi’s ‘Dadie Anoma,’ and Daddy Lumba and also took inspiration from Sidiki Diabaté’s ‘Fais moi Confiance.’ I didn’t steal the song, I only took an inspiration from them and I even credited all of them in the song,” the Angela hit maker stated.

    Kwami further noted that what makes a good artiste is the ability to research to serve their fans a variety of music.

    He said he decided to pick bits and pieces of elements from Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba and the Malian artiste to give the song a Mailan and Ghanaian touch.

    According to the former MTN Hit maker contestant what matters most is the fact that the song is highlife.

    “At the end of the day, the song is a highlife and that is why I credited them by writing ‘highlife music to the world’,” he said.

    Kuami Eugene is a singer, composer and music producer known for songs such as ‘Hribaba,’ ‘Boom Bang Bang,’ ‘Fadama Boy,’ ‘Ebeyeyie’ and ‘Angela.’


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