Ghana is a ‘stupid’ country – Lydia Forson


    Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has joined the recent debate on the propriety or otherwise of wives cooking for their husbands.

    In a video she posted on Facebook, the actress blasts Ghanaians especially the media for wasting time to talk about cooking when there are a lot of developmental issues to discuss.

    Her statement comes on the back of advocacy by some feminists on social media that men must share household chores including cooking with their wives and that women who cook for their husbands are “slaves.”

    This has generated heated arguments on social media, prominent among which is the Dela Goldheart and Ace Ankomah encounter.

    Lydia Forson in her video describes Ghanaians as being ‘stupid’ to have dedicated more of their time to debating whether or not wives should cook for their husbands.

    “It’s only a stupid country that will come to a standstill because of cooking. Think about it. We have healthcare issues, terrible roads, our economy is a mess. But guess what we’re talking about, people – we’re talking about cooking. People are angry that someone is threatening to take away the right to be cooked for. We’re upset and we’re dedicating every single moment of our lives to talking about cooking. Do you see how stupid it makes us seem as a people?,” she said in the video.

    “Do you see how stupid we seem? Do we see how unserious we are that seasoned journalists, radio presenters and proclaimed intellectuals are spending all their time and energy talking about someone trying to take away their rights? Are you stupid? Is food going to build roads, put clothes on your back or change the power crises? I am shocked that we have come to a standstill because of cooking. The fact that we reduced this discussion to food shows how far gone we are,” she further stated.

    Lydia Forson’s argument is that the choice of a woman not to cook should not be a problem to any man; men who want wives that will cook for them should go for such women and allow those who want women who won’t cook to also decide for themselves.

    “If a man wants a woman who wants to cook, he can marry her. In the same birth if a woman feels cooking is not her thing, why can’t she find her choice?” she asked.

    Lydia Forson is an opinionated Ghanaian actress who has starred in movies like ‘Scorned,’ ‘A Sting in a Tale,’ ‘The Perfected Picture’ and ‘Keteke.’


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