14 Ghanaian musicians who made it in Kumasi but moved to Accra after fame

The two biggest cities in Ghana are Accra and Kumasi. Accra is the Regional Capital of Greater Accra Region and also the nation’s capital whiles Kumasi is the Regional capital of the Ashanti Region.

These two cities are known to be the hub of entertainment in Ghana. Previously, Kumasi was the city with the best of musicians but it has now been taken over by Accra due to the mixture of Ghanaians from all part of the country who have moved there to make ends meet.

But another reason that has depleted Kumasi of its talented musicians is the fact that many musicians after gaining fame move to the National capital to pursue more success.

List of 14 Ghanaian Musicians who made it in Kumasi and moved to Accra after fame. Some became more successful whiles others failed.

Okyeame Kwame

Okyeame Kwame formerly of the Akyeame Group is one of the most respected artists in Ghana presently. He was among the best musicians in the early 2000 and went on to bag a lot of national awards.

Okyeame Kwame started his career in Kumasi where he is from and lived almost all his life. But at the peak of his career, he moved to Accra to make bigger moves. He has been successful and making more name for himself in the national capital.

Lord Kenya

Lord Kenya is a living legend in the secular music. He released hit after hit and dominated the music scene for a long time before he got converted and became a pastor.

The rap heavyweight champion as he used to be called started his music career in Kumasi. When he moved to Accra as a successful artist, it didn’t take long before he found Christ and drop his microphone on secular music.

FlowKing Stone

Flowking Stone is the younger brother of Okyeame Kwame and a former member of the Bradez Group which was made up of Flowking Stone and his younger brother, Kunta Kinte. The group collapsed when Kunta was bedridden with sickness.

FlowKing Started in Kumasi just like his elder brother and moved to Kumasi with Kunta. Kunta was schooling at the University of Ghana, Legon whiles Stone was working in Accra. Their stay wasn’t permanent though. Flowking Stone has moved back to Kumasi and occasionally pops up in Accra for business purposes.

Okyeame Quophi

Okyeame Quophi is the other half of the Akyeame group. When the group split back in the day. Okyeame Quophi moved to Accra to pursue other interest. He is now a radio/TV presenter.


Samini is a northerner but we hear he grew up in Kumasi, before fame. His best friend at that time was Root-I. He later moved to Dansoman to become a DC champion. The move was heaven sent. He has attained a lot of success since he moved to Accra.

Ruff N Smooth

Osrane and Bullet were on their solo journey before they became Ruff N Smooth. They worked with Morris Babyface in Kumasi countless times before they became a duo.


Kwadee is a pure Kumasi-breed, lived in Santasi and even has an area named after him. After fame, he decided to take over Ghana, came to Accra, signed with OM Studios for a while and all we could here was he had gone mad. But he has recovered and back with a couple of songs.

Okomfo Kwadee said about Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale


Popularly called Nana Appiah and had his biggest all time song “Aketesia”, he decided to test the Accra waters. After some time, Kontihene became a huge flop in the music industry. But he is back with some song that is making waves.

Reggie Rockstone

Before Reggie Rockstone moved to Accra, he was domiciled in the United States. It’s popularly known he started his career there.

Although he is an Asante, he has never actually lived in Kumasi. But he insists that musically, he is the “Oseikrom (Kumasi) President”.

Joe Frazier

The king of rhymes, Joe Frazier, made it in Kumasi, came to Accra to try the Hip Hop scene with Hammer but things didn’t go too well.

Kofi B

His biggest song, “Mmobrowa” was done in Kumasi. When he made it, oya … he was gone!. I wouldn’t say he failed with the move. He went on to release some amazing highlife songs which still enjoy airplay.

Kwabena Kwabena

Kwabena Kwabena is regarded as one of the best singers in Ghanaian history. The s3xy singer had his first big song, “Aso” in Kumasi with Kontihene but when the money calls started coming, he parted ways with the garden city for good.

From all indications, the move has been very successful. He is still seen as one of the best singers in the music scene.


The Afro-Diva, Rebecca Acheampong popularly known as Becca started her music career in Kumasi before she auditioned for TV3’s mentor. When she was rejected after she had been selected and the controversies that followed, she moved to Accra and she has never looked back.

Strongman Burner

Strongman is a Kumasi boy. He started his rap music in Kumasi before he enrolled at the University of Cape Coast. After he penetrated the music scene, he was signed by Sarkodie onto his Sarkcess records and the artist has now moved permanently to Accra.